The NFL is considering holding future international games in France and Spain

The NFL is considering expanding its foreign games to additional nations after Sunday's successful Buccaneers-Seahawks game in Munich, Germany.


The NFL's UK and Europe boss, Brett Gosper, recently told the AP that the league is considering expanding to France and Spain.

Research is being conducted to ensure that there is a potential venue to land any games in those markets, to measure enthusiasm from the host stadiums, the host city, and the government, and to determine the viability of those markets overall.

Given that the NFL already has a sizable Spanish-speaking viewership thanks to its games in Mexico, it would appear that Spain would be a natural option for the league's location. But France could need some convincing.

France is distinct in both market and culture from Spain, yet it has a robust sports media industry where profits may grow more quickly. With two robust media markets, a robust sports market, and promising early data from both our streaming platform and consumer sales, we are optimistic about the future.

The current contract between the NFL and Germany is for four years, but the NFL would want to extend it. Additionally, the league has played at least one game in London every season since 2007, with the exception of 2020. Also, on Monday, November 21st, the Cardinals will host the 49ers in a rematch that will be the fifth NFL game played in Mexico City in the last several years.

In order to provide clubs a chance to participate in international games, the league extended to 17 games every season, including five international games this season.